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      Training modules during this Winter, 2015


Training modules planned for the period from 1st  December  to 16th January, 2016. All are industry oriented trainings.

  From          to                   Topic

01.12.15      05.12.15 Microbial Technology

07.12.15  11.12.15 -Industrial Enzyme Technology

14.12.15   18.12.15   Drug Discovery  1

 21.12.15   25.01.15   Drug Discovery 2- Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals from Herbs

28.12.15  01.01.16 Formulation secrets & Basic   Pharmacology

04.01.16   08.01.16 - Production Technology

11.01.16   15.01.16 - Marine Biotechnology

Apart from the above, special training in Molecular Biology, Plant Biotechnology, Workshop on Bioplastics, Food Technology, GLP, GMP, IPR, Methods of Diagnostics Development,  etc., are also planned to be organized. Please enquire for the same. some of the above might change depending on the popular demand for a particular training.

We are going to announce 3 months "Job Assured Course" very soon. Those who want to use the opportunity of some of the above components as part of the training can register soon to get even the workshop free.

Projects for 3 to 6 months in Industrial areas can get you a priority on Placement.



























Students proudly showing off their formulations made

during their training

An Intern at work




























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