Grandpro, Probiotics for Shrimp hatchery


Use of the probiotics is most common among the pond culture of shrimps. However, very few realize the need to produce quality disease free seeds in hatchery leading to healthy shrimp in ponds. Therefore a good probiotics for shrimp hatchery should take care of the infections especially that of luminescent Vibrios, ciliates and filamentous bacteria besides a few fungal species. This is where GrandPro comes handy.

The antibacterial substances produced by one of the bacteria in the formulation have an excellent bactericidal property (not antibiotics) against luminescent Vibrios as proved in certain hatcheries.


It has a specially blended mixture of different Bacillus sp. We do not use any anaerobic bacteria that won't work in highly aerated hatchery environment or human pathogens such as Pseudomonas species.


10 g of the powder needs to be hydrated in 1 liter treated seawater used in hatcheries by soaking for an hour. From this add 100 ml to each 1 ton tank. Use it daily or as suggested by the consultants.



1kg and 5kg container.



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