Stink-nil is a unique semi herbal formulation for use in farms such as poultry and cattle farms. There are certain products now available claiming to remove the ammonia and other odours that commonly form in these farms.

However, these are only smell and ammonia adsorbents and after getting saturated they release back these gases slowly.

Whereas, our product is aimed at eradicating the bacteria that produce bad odours and thus removes the rootcause. In addition the regular use can be helpful in counteracting disease causing bacteria, fungi and virus too!

The Components

This formulation contains active ingredients from selective herbs such as terpeneols poly phenols, etc and some chemical components like bactericidal dyes and surfactants.


Take one or two teaspoonful of Stink-nil and add to 5 liters of tap water and mix. This can be used for any general floor washing after the regular cleaning or it can be sprinkled onto husk and other bedding materials.

Turning over the bedding material is recommended.


Recommended doses are harmless to both human and animals. However, consumption of the product is strictly to be avoided. Concentrated product is irritating to the skin. In case of contact with skin, wash the area with plenty of water.



1 lit and 5 lit container



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