The phytoplankton forms an important component in the culture of prawns and fishes.They form food for zooplankton,

which are consumed by the cultured species. They can also be directly consumed. Besides serving as food, they also

control various parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen, carbon and nitrogen cycles. Earlier bloom inhibits the formation

of algae at the bottom. Very often the formation of the bloom is affected by the composition of water as to

micronutrients. It is important not only to stimulate the phytoplankton bloom but also maintain as stable bloom. This is where Proplankt comes handy. This is a mixture of micronutrients in right combination and available as a sustained

release formulation the bloom tends to develop rapidly and also crash which is detrimental for pond ecology. The

phytoplankton growth promoter in this formulation unique.



It contains micro as well as macronutrient. They include Na, K, P, Fe, Cu, Mo, Co, Si, etc. It has special stimulants which specifically encourage the growth of beneficial planktons such as diatoms.


Stimulate the phytoplankton growth

Stabilizes the bloom

Enhances the growth of more beneficial diatom bloom

Does not affect the growth of beneficial diatom bloom

Does not affect the soil fertility

Controls the growth of filamentous algae



Use 5 Kgs/ha of pond or as directed by consultants. Dissolve the required quantity in

40 liters of pond water and evenly distribute. Application should be done in broad daylight


5 Kg and 25 Kg


Storage in cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. Always keep the lid tightly closed as the formulation has tendency to absorb moisture

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