Pro-boostAny probiotics booster


This is a specially formulated medium that can boost your probiotics action. Usually there is a reduction in the activity of the probiotics bacteria after the process of manufacturing and storing. You can not only boost the activity but also reduce probiotics use and thus cost. This is like having your own mini probiotics production unit without the need for sophisticated fermenter and other equipments. The ingredients are selected after extensive research with various probiotics commercially available. We suggest you to use with our probiotics for best result. Kindly note that there is only one exception that it may not work effectively with phototrophic purple sulphur bacteria. Anyway, we do not advocate them as they all work only in anaerobic environment and require reduced sulphur compounds which are harmful to shrimps and fishes.



Add around 500 g of the probiotics ( if the bacterial count is low, you require to take more) and dissolve in 50 liter of boiled and cooled tap water in a clean container. Then add 1 K g of Pro-boost and mix well. Using the aquarium aerator, aerate for about overnight. Keep the container closed with a loose lid or cloth to avoid dust. Next day use this for an area multiplied by 20 times normally prescribed for the amount of probiotics. You can use larger containers if available and larger quantities of probiotics and Pro-boost. However, you require more aerators for good aeration.

Storage and shelf life:  Please check the label.


1kg and 5kg container.



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